Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I decided to put this big, long Easter post on right away and not wait to catch up on the rest of my pictures. I thought it might be a nice change to see something that is nearly up-to-the-minute. So, back to the old stuff soon...Breakfast with peeps. I finally bought our first peeps, those crazy marshmallow chicks.
Cecily learned how to say "peep" to sound like a little chick.

A little candy in a basket.

A picture on our way out the door to church.

We had an Easter feast at church with the few who weren't spending the afternoon with family. Miss Megan is holding her little brother, Caleb, while waiting for the meal to begin.

Apparently, he likes it. :)

The feasters. Adults outnumbered.
Amelia in the parking lot.

My two eldest with some friends.

Mr. Benny in the parking lot.

We were able to grab someone to snap a few pictures of our family. Here are the men.

And we managed to get a decent one of all of us. Hurray!

After naps...a hunt for some plastic eggs in the yard.

This is such a rare, happy face to catch on the camera. When she found that first egg she was so tickled.
We had to tell Cecily to go get it. She didn't know what was going on.

Peter is showing her to put it in the basket. She had it after that and had a ball.
Counting eggs.

"Where do I look now?"

Found one in the heap of brick pieces.

She liked to count them.

You knew she would soon see how it tasted.

The boys had hid them for the girls and so they stood back and enjoyed watching them find them.

The proverbial, top-of-the-head egg hunt picture.

"Have we found them all?"

First egg hunt. A real success. What is it about eggs that they love so much?

A quick, posed picture before we're done.

Amelia in the woods with the wild daffodils.

Next it was Ben and Cal's turn.

William is trying to give them a hint by walking back and forth at this location. There is a green egg hidden right next to his foot.

Showing off his eggs.

Wow. He FOUND one!

Even Sam and Will got in on the act. Who doesn't love a good hunt? And it gives the younger boys a challenge to hide them hard for the big boys.

There were quite a few in and around the Suburban.

Shaking the bushes.

Benny thought he was tricky and had put a half of a yellow egg up in the plum tree. Here he is knocking it back down once it was spotted. You can see it falling.

Smile, Ben.

Thank you to the little brothers for the hunt!

After the hunt we all just stayed outside for a bit enjoying the nice weather. I took around my camera and experimented a little with different settings and techniques I have read about. The rest of the pictures are the ones I took during this time.

Getting into the plum tree.

Getting there.
Almost up.

There we go.

This one is my favorite. It is so Will.

Sam was busy loading fishing gear into the car for the promised fishing trip the next morning.

Sorting through tackle.

Boys sure do love this stuff.

Amelia was already in her pajamas and so was staying on the porch to watch the goings-on. She convinced somebody to carry her to the car to check out the fishing gear too.

William, as a shadowy branch.

Showing me one of the few blooms that had bloomed out on the plum.


Ben wants to try that. This is a great, "I have no front teeth" smile.

Ben doing one of his favorite things.

Sam is joking around with dad about catching a baby bear cub.

A satisfied smile after a good laugh. :)
I hope you enjoyed the extensive Easter tour. This spring weather is spectacular. It seems like it's been years since we had a nice weather day on Easter.

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Laffing Dawg said...

It was lovely to spend Easter with the Jones family. So much celebration and fun. Thanks, Julie. Hugs all around.