Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Here is a collection of miscellaneous pictures from the last couple of months.Amelia is "helping" Cecily clear her place from the table. They were working together so nicely and Cecily was so happy to be helping out.

My little egg peelers. Together they peeled all 12 eggs for the egg salad. A mighty fine job.

This is the birthday flag that Sam and Will made that I forgot to show in my birthday post. What a great flag!

So, even though the snow seems like it was so long ago, this picture was taken around the middle of March, not so long ago! The boys developed a way to cut out snow blocks and then built this wall.

Can you see the eyes peeking through the peek-hole?

We have the greatest little sled for toddlers that has a back to it so that they don't fall backwards. Cecily never gets tired of getting pulled around in it.

The woods, mid-March.

Bare trees that have amazingly transformed over the last 3-4 weeks.

The wild daffodils poking through the snow.

She grew into this adorable nightgown. I thought it was cute enough to take a picture. In the middle of the night we heard her crying and went in her room to find that she had taken off her diaper and then wet all over herself. Well, the next night we went back to sleeper pajamas!

I thought I'd include a couple that I thought were funny. She's being silly with the doll's pacifier.

And I thought this was a pretty funny face.

Ready for church.

There's the other one. :)

I guess we've seen the last of these dresses for this year. They sure were fun...

A playdough house with a pond with a swan swimming in it, made by Samuel and Amelia.

Reading the Sunday comics. I thought they looked funny with all of their khakis and white shirts huddled around that paper.

Last week, Dad and the boys carried out their first scheduled fishing trip. The boys were so excited to be out at the favorite lakes seeing what's changed over the winter.

They did fish, but they did a lot of general exploration and some bird watching too. They were thrilled to see several new species of birds.

This picture was taken in the plum tree just 2 days after Easter. It blossomed out immediately after I took all of those pictures on Easter.

It's radiant right now.

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