Saturday, April 3, 2010


This post is perhaps a bit odd. It's kind of for Grammy and Papa to see the much-talked-about toy of Calvin.I found some little Playmobil knights in a store once and decided to get them for Calvin to try. They turned out to be such a great toy and he'd spend an hour or more every day with them. Because of this, we got him the castle you see above for Christmas and Benny got a small pirate set.

It's the accessories that make this toy. There are tons of exchangable pieces of armour and weapons. The possibilities are endless.

There's just one horse, but we've collected 9 knights by now.

The boys say this is a ballista, a crossbow-catapult.

I was initially hesitant because of the cartoon-like features of the people. I tend to like something that looks more life-like. But this turned out to be a toy that was extremely worthwhile. Every member of the family enjoys all the detailed pieces and setting up battle scenes.

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Hannah said...

I love your new family picture!!