Monday, April 12, 2010


I think I'm feeling a little celebrated-out. We have a string of birthdays Feb-April. Mine's in the middle of that on March 1. We recently celebrated Amelia and Benjamin's birthdays, but I'll have to catch up to post the pictures. So, in the name of catching's the photographs from my own birthday.I had a simple tea party with the kids in the afternoon.

We just had a little tea and some cranberry-nut bread.

Very ready to begin.

Giving baby instructions.

Party has started.

Mmmm...this is good. :)

That's a pretty dainty teacup for Ben to be using!

Bread is devoured. She's wondering what this is all about, but not minding a bit.

Learning to sip like a lady.

Peter cooked dinner. We had some lovely Steelhead Trout that was just like Salmon, with some potatoes and sugar snap peas.

The gifts were fun. It's always a good time to get things from my mom and sister. The gift above was from my mom and it was some kitchen towels and a fancy paper punch.

This is also from mom. I like how she attaches a card with my name. It's these kinds of things that men don't necessarily think to do. I can always count on some nice details and pretty wrapping from mom and JoAnn.

Reading the card from mom.

A new tablecloth and a listing pad with my name on it. Thank you much, Mom. :) The new water-repellant tablecloths are really great. Now I've got two!

My pretty gift from JoAnn.

I got a good laugh over the first thing I saw when I opened hers: Kalamata olives. It's actually not all that funny, since I love them and she knows it and she can shop at Trader Joe's and I can't. But it was just the last thing I expected to see and it struck me funny to see those olives in there, imported from Greece and then shipped to me from Oregon. :) Thanks, JoAnn!

More fun things: Bath salts and some very pretty (although you can't tell) place cards for the table.

AND, a beautiful table runner that coordinates with the name cards. I LOVE it! It's so pretty and she knows I'm wild about blue. You're AWESOME, JoAnn. You and mom made my birthday totally special.

Last, but not least, my gift from Peter and the boys was a food processor. Of course, I've been using it for over a month now and it's wonderful. I use it almost every day because it's so versatile and performs several different tasks. I still dice by hand, but slicing, shredding, mincing and general chopping is all done in the processor. :) A marvelous gift.

Cheesecake for dessert.

Singing. A very blessed day. I'm a very blessed wife/mother/daughter/sister/granddaughter. Thank you to all. :) :)


Laffing Dawg said...

Ah, I want to come next year ! It is a nice thought anyway. What a wonderful family you have. I love the photo of Amelia giving the baby instructions. I also think that the future wives of your boys will treasure that they learned to enjoy tea parties with pretty tea cups from their mother. I'm telling you, these Jones boys are already a catch.

Happy Belated Birthday Julie

Luma said...

I had no idea that your birthday was March 1st. I'm going to go write it in my calendar for next year. May the Lord richly bless this upcoming year with His strength and wisdom.