Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well, we just made it for an annual ice skating trip. I think we went on the very last week of the season. It was Spring Break for the public school kids, so they had the rink open for some special daytime hours. I seem to put it off until it's nearly too late. But if we can, we like to get it in. The kids so enjoy the exercise and variety of activity after the wintertime stillness.
Here comes Sam. He didn't start off on the wall this year.

He did come over to see me though. :)

William is sort of a flash that whizzes by. It was amazing that I could get him to look up at me for this picture.

Initially, the boys were going to skate and Millie and I were going to watch. But since it was Calvin's first time and he was really having a hard time, I decided to go ahead and get some skates for me and Millie too. I thought I could hold each of them with one hand. That didn't work out very well and so they were quickly taught how to hold the wall. :)

I love the rosy, ice-skating cheeks! I'm not sure if it was from cold or exertion, but either way it's quite appealing.

I found out why the rink has a halfway bench. This was very useful to me with the littlest skaters. We bench-warmed very nicely.

Watching the brothers go around from the halfway break-place.

Benny stops in to see us...

...then is off again.

Heading out to go the second half of the rink.

Amelia reluctantly comes along.

A while after our first lap, we decided to try again, but with two-hand help. This worked much better. I helped Calvin and Millie by turns. We zipped Milie's baby in her jacket during her turn.

Sam took some pictures from the halfway rest-spot.

Since the bigger boys were wanting to skate much longer than we, Cal, Millie and I read some books and enjoyed watching them improve their skills.

I really loved how little Millie's skates were. She looked pretty cute in spite of her her wild hair day.
A fun time. Blisters and sore muscles to follow the next day. :)


Jennie and Julie said...

Very cute!! They all looked so happy...even Cal! Mom

Anonymous said...

I loved ice skating as a youngster. I learned at the Pasadena rink and had my first big accident there - still proudly wear the scar. Then we moved to Bend and I spent many a winter day out at Baker pond. What fun we had. From your pictures, I could relate to each child's level of ability. And I loved seeing Baby in on the fun. Oh the tales that Baby could tell.
Nice Post, now I think I will have some hot chocolate.

Luma said...

You've got to be kidding me. I was roasting earlier this week and last week with weather starting to hit the 90's already. Something weird happened today, though, it's 68 degrees cloudy and windy. Tut tut, it looks like rain out here in sunny Phoenix, Arizona.