Monday, July 29, 2013

Ben's 10th Birthday

Ben's 10th birthday actually took place while we were in Williamsburg.  We waited to celebrate it until we got home.  This set of pictures is the very last of our time with Mom and Dad.  Above is a picture of my dad chopping down a dead tree in our yard and his little group of spectators. 
Ben had birthday waffles for breakfast.
In the late afternoon we headed out to Cooper's Rock, where he enjoyed his birthday dinner, picnic-style.
Peter grilled some chicken and warmed some homemade bread on the BBQ there.
While we waited for the food to cook, people kept busy doing all kinds of things.  Papa kept the girls happy on the swings.
Elijah pretended to be a rock climber.  ;-)
And a rock jumper.
Grammie taught Samuel a game with some string.
Will found himself a skink.
He tells me it's a blue-tailed skink.
Ben's birthday dessert was a big pan of chocolate-chip cookie bars.
Birthday hug from Eli.

And birthday love from Bronwyn.
Amelia got Ben a bag of jawbreakers for his birthday.
He did a good job showing gratitude.

A new play pistol.
Coloring pencils.
In Williamsburg I got Ben this arrow, tipped with an arrowhead, made of bamboo and fletched with real feathers.  There was a necklace that matched with an arrowhead on it too.
We also got him a small indian drum.  He can use these things with his buckskin outfit to pretend to be an Indian.
A card and gift from Grammie and Papa.
This is the face that he made while saying, "It couldn't be.  Is it a remote control car?!?"
Yes, a water-defying remote control car.  This has been a really great toy.
One last swing before we go.
I think this was Bronwyn's first time to swing.  She had fun swinging with her dad.

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Kathy Poncy said...

One very happy, delightful family. How I love each of you.