Saturday, July 20, 2013

Jamestown: Indian Village

At the timeshare, the night before: Grammy teaches Millie to crochet.

Papa and the boys are enjoying some cable TV.  I believe they were watching golf.
Early the next morning a family of geese was foraging below our balcony.

Ready to experience history, once again!
The first thing to visit at Jamestown was the Indian village.  This site is all created to look like the original Jamestown settlement would have looked, built at a nearby location from where the original actually was.

The inside of the Indian homes are filled with animal skins and lots of household items made from animal and plant materials.

 A window!

 It was all very neat to see.
 Seeing how a hide is stretched and dried.
 This Indian interpreter demonstrated how useful objects were made from animal bone.
 This was his display.  Needles, hooks and knives were some of the items.
 Some more Indian interpreters working at the fire to make some arrows.

 A club.
 Amelia is digging out a canoe!  With a clam shell!
 And then trying out sitting in a finished one.
 Moving on down the path to the next destination.
 Beautiful blooming trees!  And my favorite parents!
 And Mom took a picture of Bron's tootsies, sticking out.  :)

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Jennie and Julie said...

It was nice to see those blooming redbuds again. They were SO pretty! You did a good job showing the Indian village, and didn't even mention the interpreter's red hair : ) Today was my first back on the computer to check on things, and it was nice to find 2 posts from you.