Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jamestown-Reproduction Ships

The first and largest of the reproduction ships is the Susan Constant.  The reason we added a visit to Jamestown to our Williamsburg trip was because my parents had visited here before and knew we would especially enjoy the ships.
My crew, minus myself and Bronwyn.
The whole group, thanks to another tourist willing to take this photo.
On board.
You can see the front cabin entrances here.
And you can see the back cabin entrance here.

These two are inside the front cabin.
 Looking back towards the other two ships in this fleet.

 There's a door at the back of the back cabin that leads out to this side deck (no idea what it's actually called).  William has found his way there.
 And Sam.
 The inside of the back cabin.
 Mom took this picture of William looking at a compass.
 And she took this one of Cecily in a bunk.

 This is the same cabin looking from the other direction.
 If a visitor is able to scale some narrow ladder-like stairs, he can go below deck.  Calvin and I went and checked it out.  It was a little hard with Bronwyn in the sling on the front of me, but we made it.

 You can see the stairs on the far left of this picture.
 Back on the dock, Dad is hanging out.
 Here is a sign showing the voyage of these three ships that is posted on the dock.
 We did briefly climb up on the deck of the second ship and talk with the "crew."
This ship is significantly smaller than the first and the third ship was smaller still.  Honestly, it is super hard to imagine going all the way across the ocean on ships of this size.  They were much smaller than I would have pictured.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to experience first-hand the atmosphere of sea life.  Very cool.

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Jennie and Julie said...

Grandma told me last night that she really enjoyed all the photos from Williamsburg and Jamestown that you had posted. She enjoyed going on the trip with us! Good job with the ships!