Monday, July 1, 2013

Williamsburg With Mom~King's Arms Tavern

 I'm tucking in a couple of pictures of evening-time at the Timeshare.  Here is Eli getting his first experience of the passed-down family Toe Rhyme with Papa.  It goes:  Ida-peek, Peek-a-roo, Rooey-whistle, Mary-hostle & Old Tumbley bundle.  Don't know where it came from, but it's been done for generations.
 Now it's Grammy's turn.
 It sure was fun to watch Mom and Dad get to know Eli on this trip.  He enjoyed them thoroughly.
 At this point, I'm going to refer back to the story I began on the first day of our adventures in Williamsburg.  Mom and I had bought tickets to a concert at the Governor's Palace and got there to find it was cancelled and our one "us" event got spoiled.  For me, the happy ending of this was that on Friday, our fourth day of vacation, our husbands provided us an opportunity to go back to Williamsburg, just the two of us.  When we left the children were all enjoying the pool at the Timeshare resort with Peter and Dad.

 We weren't sure just what we'd do, but we hadn't had the chance to visit one of the Taverns in Williamsburg.  In colonial times, a tavern was the only place to get something to eat.  It was essentially a restaurant.  Mom said that it was worth it to visit one just to see the atmosphere, and since it was pouring rain, we thought we'd step into one and order drinks.  The one we went to was called King's Arms Tavern.
 It really was just like stepping back in time.  It was MARVELOUS.
 The story of the history of the King's Arms Tavern was printed on the back of the Bill of Fare.  There was a woman who owned it and the woman in the picture above was impersonating her in the room we were eating in.  She talked all about the town gossip. 
 Once we looked at the menu and saw how fun this was going to be, we went ahead and ordered something to eat.  I wish I could remember just what this was called, but it was a peanut soup.  It was super rich, but yummy and I loved the hard bread to dip in it.  Oh, and the homemade root beer was fantastic.
 Our waiter took our picture for us.
 Mom's coffee.
 Mom and I split a crabcake and yummy slaw.  I was absolutely certain while we were enjoying this that it would be my best experience all year.  It was so special and so fun.  I loved getting to sit and talk with Mom. 
 On our way out I took a couple of pictures of the rest of the Tavern.

The King's Arms!  This was so worthwhile.  Mom's favorite part was the black man doing dishes that was singing "Go Down Moses" in his incredible bass voice that we could hear while we were eating.  The whole experience is so authentic!

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Jennie and Julie said...

I had such a good time too that morning. It was just GREAT re-living it with you as I have read and then re-read this post. I think the whole rain thing made even more special when we went into the Tavern for lunch. Thanks for being exited too, it's so great to know someone loves spending time with with you, you with me!