Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Photography Foibles

 I like this picture.  It was taken at the end of May.  I thought I'd choose this one to show you all of the others that were taken to get it.  You can crack up with me about some of these faces.
Not too bad, but Bronwyn is giving me eyes.  She wants to know why this is necessary.
Amelia decides to put her on the grass and the response is less than happy.
Ha!  Any caption suggestions for this face?  Definitely, she thinks the grass feels strange.
Putting her back on the lap doesn't really help matters.  She's had it now.
The funny face switches to Millie here.
:)  I love this face.  She's letting me know she's serious.  She usually starts blowing raspberries at this point.  She never really cries, but blows raspberries instead.
Millie decides that if she can't beat her she should join her.
Poor child.  I've pushed her too far.  Time to put the camera away.  
Photographing babies can be quite a challenge.  But even their upset faces can be pretty cute and spoiled pictures can be good for a laugh.

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