Monday, July 1, 2013

Inside Bassett Hall~The Rockefeller's House

After the garden tour was finished, Dad left to take the shuttle back to where our car was parked and then planned to return to pick us up with the kids.  In the meantime, there was a tour of the inside of the house about to begin.  I got as far as the entry way and realized that the baby wanted to eat and wasn't going to wait any longer and the other kids were getting restless.  I took these first two photos and then headed back outside to find a shady place to nurse the baby and wait for dad.  Mom finished the tour and was so sweet: she took a bunch of pictures of the inside to show me!
 I guess the children of the Rockefeller's locked the doors when their parents had both died and immediately handed over the keys to have the house made into a museum.  Everything inside is exactly as they had lived in it and left it.  Check out that corner door.

 Dining room complete with green glassware.  Mom has some of this, but I don't know the exact name of it.
 Kitchen!  I love it!
The kitchen pictures were probably my favorite.  There were more, but I just included a sampling.  This was a nice time with Dad and Mom at Bassett Hall. 

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Jennie and Julie said...

I knew you would like the kitchen ones best. It was a super cool kitchen. The green glass was depression ware, and I was delighted to get to see a table set with it, and actually in use. This was a really fun tour, all the way around.