Saturday, April 18, 2009


The cake was intended to be an imitation of the cake that my mom made for me on my second birthday in 1978. Of course, this is the first birthday that she has some idea of what's going on. She's soaking it in and trying to figure it out.
There, I got a good smile from her.
She had a hard time understanding the concept of blowing out the candles. It took a while! :-)
That was some very blue icing. She liked it just fine.
Millie and her gifts.
The first one was from Papa and Grammy.

A fun wooden cookie baking set!
There's a cannister for storing the cookies in.
All laid out on the tray!
"Thank you very much Papa and Grammy! I will love to be a baker like my mom!"
...a new outfit for her dollie with a diaper.
Putting on the diaper,
...then the dress.
So nice!!
This one is from Aunt Leslie and Uncle John.
She's peeking inside, she's not sure what that is yet.
Now she's understanding.
Trying it out!
Coming around to check on the baby. What a good mommy.
I really can't describe how much fun we had watching her enjoy this first stroll. She's getting so big. The boys and Peter and I have so much fun giving her things and watching her figure them out.
Just a couple more strolling pics, I took a whole lot.
She kept coming around and checking on the baby and just admiring her sitting there.
We had to tear her away from the stroller to open the last of her gifts.
Peter and I got her a play tunnel.
In she goes...
...out she comes!
This was really fun too. Once again, we didn't need to say anything. She knew just what to do and squeeled with delight all the way through her first time in the tunnel.
Look close, you can see her looking through the window.
Millie's last gift was this blue ball.
Naturally, she immediately put it in the tunnel.
Happy Birthday to Millie. We are so grateful for the privilege of raising her. She has added so much to our family and is adored by all of us.

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