Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Easter only sort of happened here at the Jones house. There were big plans and then a wrench thrown in. Peter really wanted to plan an Easter feast at our house and invite anyone from church who didn't have family to be with. He handled most of the planning. He bought a big ham, got more wine glasses. He helped me plan the menu and then cook much of it on the day before. The wrench thrown in was that I got horribly sick with a bacterial infection on Saturday night and ended up in bed, dilirious with fever, all day on Sunday. Peter, single-handedly, fixed strawberry shortcake for breakfast for himself and the kids, got the boys ready for church, put the ham in to cook while he was gone at church and got the tables set and ready for the feast along with many other last minute details for the feast. He went to church with the boys and led the service and preached, then came home and entertained more than 12 guests and managed all six kids while I lay useless in bed. The report was that everyone had a great time. They set up a volleyball net and played outside for hours. I don't think anyone left until 6 pm or so. Way to go, Peter! I was sad to miss it though.
I briefly rose to give the kids their little Easter gifts in the morning. I had this bunny suit in the holiday box. I really don't know where it came from.
This is the boys, ready for breakfast. We had put up tables in the basement for the feast, so they were eating down there.
They had a few little treats to celebrate. Will is looking at his stickers.
I don't know that we would use Easter baskets to give the gifts, but I have these baskets that my sisters and I used when we were little and so I usually get them out.
Sam got a yo-yo.
I'm not sure what he's doing. I guess he's just studying that egg.
At the end of the day the boys hid a few plastic eggs for Millie to find. Peter took one picture!
Pretty feeble Easter pictures! Ah well, the feast went well and that's what matters. Church was good as well, I just didn't get to participate in it this year.


Monica said...

What a great husband you have, to just continue with all of the plans. I'm sorry that you were sick and had to miss all of the festivities though. I hope you are feeling better by now.

Jennie and Julie said...

Hooray for Peter!! When you list out what he did that day, it's really impressive. He must have been tired that evening, but what a good Pastor to handle all the details. The pics were still really great.

Anonymous said...

I'm leaving another comment to check on what to tell Aunt Elna : )