Sunday, April 26, 2009


This is two weeks old, but I thought I'd put up a few pictures from the fellowship time that we had as a church on Good Friday. We did have a service to commemorate Christ's crucifixion. We rent the local Seventh Day Adventist Church and use it on Sundays since they use it on Saturdays. Unfortunately, the building was being used on Friday evening so we were unable to conduct our service there. We ended up having it at the Oldland's home. They live a good ways out of town on 10 acres and everyone gathered there to worship together and enjoy a meal and fellowship afterwards. Below are a few of the children enjoying the playset before the service. Two Oldland boys and two Jones boys excited to enjoy some pizza.
The weather was beautiful and we were able to eat out on the deck. Perfect. Below, from left to right, is Evan Falkenstein, Tim Woody, Patrick Thompson, Evan Jackson and Matt Regar.
From l to r, Peter, Dr. Woody Moss and Bill Oldland.
The Stedman Family, Joshua, Kristin and baby Titus (1 month old). (Marlene Moss in the background).
Good conversation, as usual. I liked this picture because Cecily loves to put her fingers in his beard. :-)
Moss ladies, Tricia, Hannah and Theresa and on the far right, eldest Oldland child, Sarah Grace.
Good Friday happened to be the birthday of two little boys. The unique part was that they are also the exact same age. Jocelyn Oldland made a cake for her son, William, and I brought cupcakes for Benjamin, both turning age 6.

Birthday boy.
This was what he wanted me to take a picture of. :-)
More conversation and some good coffee.Next, we spread out some and played with the kids on all that property.
Katrina Oldland.
Sam and Will on a log bridge connecting two parts of the land.
Calvin spent quite some time "fishing" in the pond with this net.
Samuel Oldland was his partner for this.
Those are some very nice nets! They had a great time.
Above is the view of the Oldland's house when I was walking back from the pond. Below is just to the right of the same vantage point.

Millie needed no help to decide what to do. She kept very busy.
The boys always enjoy exploring in the woods with the play rifles in hand. The rifles always come out when we're there.
Theresa and Millie played together for a bit. Theresa is so good with children.
I spent a good while pushing Samuel Oldland on the swing. He was really cute taking some pictures.
Cecily hanging out while I pushed Samuel.
More slides.
More Samuel. :-)
Baby Titus back in the house.
Baby Jonathan, the youngest of the Oldland children. He's at such an adorable age!
As the light disappeared, all males, young and old, gathered for some football/wrestling. Just general horse play.
The little boys love to try to tackle the big boys.
Trying to get the ball from Evan Jackson.
Ben's got the ball!!
Tons of boy fun. They're sort of the same, no matter their age.

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Jennie and Julie said...

That was a GREAT post! Thanks for posting ALL those photos...whew! It was great to see all the fun times you had, and I really enjoyed seeing the property, the Oldlands house, everybody having fun and Ben's birthday cupcakes. It was really nice to live through the pictures.
Love Mom