Thursday, April 30, 2009


So the girls and I didn't get to go to church on Easter. We went ahead and wore the Easter dresses the Sunday after Easter and I took some pictures. Amelia wore the hat that my mom wore when she was little and some little gloves that my sisters and I wore when we were little. Cecily's dress came from cousin Macy Sneed, who wore it last year. :-)

Some outside photos. Cecily was exceedingly distracted by the grass.

Later in the day I took a few of Cecily in her room. This was the best smile I got.
This is one of her other smiles. She wrinkles up her nose.
I love the little, exploring hands.
Sucking on her favorite pacifier.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the pink, frilly dresses. :-) We enjoyed them a whole lot that day.


Jennie and Julie said...

Oh my, oh my...that was a pink extravaganza! What fun to go through all those cute and wonderful photos. You can tell you have been waiting for girls! I LOVE that photo of Milly among the blooms...I am going to print that up and put it on my dresser. I never dreamed that old hat could look so good. I also LOVE that you picked up Cecily and had your picture taken with her. It's nice to see the Mom with the girls. Cecily looked adorable in that dress and headband too. Thanks for sharing these.

Lora said...

So cute! It's so fun to dress up little girls isn't it??