Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The kids have been asking me more about using the camera. They like to hold it and scan through the digital pictures in the memory. Samuel has been very good with it and very careful so when he asked me the other day if he could take some pictures on his own I decided to let him give it a try. I've showed him how to do it and he's learned how to do it very well but I hadn't let him go on his own yet. Below are some of the best pictures that he took. The first three are of Cecily and I was working on the computer in the same room. This one cracks us up because she always has her tongue out like this and it's so funny. The fact that her head is cut off is indicative of his novice. Most of the ones he took of Cecily are missing most of her head!

Alright. He had fun with Cecily. Next he asked me if he could take the camera in the workroom (storage space) where his little brothers and sister were playing. I wasn't exactly sure what they were doing in there. They don't usually play in there. Peter had allowed them to build a fort in there and said they could play in it, but I hadn't seen it. So I was enlightened when Sam emerged with his pictures.
Although it's hard to distinguish, this is the fort. Ben is standing on part of it.
This is Cal and Millie at the entrance of the fort. Oh, and of course, the naked baby. Millie isn't able to put clothes on yet, but she can take them off, so the baby is often unclothed (gasp!).
Ok. Ben's climbing on TOP of the mattress! I was excited to see that (wink!).
This is shelving at the other end of the room.
Well, nothing and nobody was harmed and they obviously were having a good time so I guess I'm not going to worry about the climbing on the shelves and high mattresses.
And last, Sam decided to take some self-portaits which were kind of funny.
He's holding a "phone" to his ear made out of robotix.
Oh my! Not sure what that is. I think he's just trying to make different silly faces. :-)
I thought he did pretty well over all for his first time and he let me in on some things I probably wouldn't have known anything about!

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Jennie and Julie said...

I love your text with the photos...very good writing Julie! Also very good photos. I think my favorite is of Millie and Calvin at the fort entrance. Good setting and light and all that. Good job Samuel!