Thursday, January 29, 2009


I happen to have some pictures of Ben and a couple of things I can share about him, so I thought I'd do a post of just him. First, he has a new outfit. It makes me smile. I went to a children's resale store last week and bought several new pairs of pants for the boys because we're hitting that part of the winter where half of their pants have the knees worn through. One of the nice pairs in Ben's size happened to be overalls. I checked with him because he hasn't had any of those for a while. He said that sounded good. Another thing I ended up getting for him was a sweater from Hanna Andersson. It cost me $1.99, which is worth sharing since it was such a great deal. To the point, he woke up the next day and put on the sweater with the overalls and was so pleased with himself. I kept telling him how nice it looked and he was more and more pleased. I took a few photos of him in it. I probably needn't have done that because he obliged me by attempting to wear it for the next several days. I think it was the third day when I told him he needed to make a new choice. But here he is, in the "outfit."

Here he is with his pogo stick.

Practicing pulling the string of his brother's bow.

Today, Ben built some things from K'nex all by himself. He doesn't do a lot of building, so that was good for him. He emerged from his room with 3 creations.

This is a house that he did from a picture.

On the left is a "car" that he designed himself.

On the right is a helicopter that he made from a picture.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what a charmer !!!!! Ben, you are so creative. I am really proud of you.