Wednesday, January 7, 2009


These pictures will in no way convey the amount of fun that this was. John and Sarah, from church, hosted a ball for New Year's. Peter and I would love to see our boys learn the dances and also to see our church host a similar event in the future as well as just incorporate some dancing into some of our church celebrations. So...we participated in the ball even though our kids are a little young. These first pictures are of the dance practice that we went to the day before the ball. We were able to learn a couple of the dances beforehand, which was nice. Here Samuel is partnered with Sarah Grace Oldland, doing the Gay Gordon dance.This particular dance is the Virginia Reel.

Not sure what this one's called, but on either end of this line is Evan Jackson and Tricia Moss, who both attend our church.

This is Amelia with Isaac Moss on the evening of the ball.

My children at the ball. :-)

Mr. Carpenter entertained them with his video camera. Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter sat with the kids so that Peter and I could do a couple of the dances. That was a nice surprise.

This was one that we did called "Comb and Scissors."

There's a long dance at the beginning to open up the ball that's called the Grand March. Samuel was my partner for it and William had a cute little partner named Elyse.

The Grand March

One hazard in trying to take pictures of the dancing is that you get a lot of people's backs!

Going under the bridge.

I never would have thought that it could be so fun! Our two days of dancing really made for a special holiday season this year. What a great way to bring in the new year!


Anonymous said...

Another great tradition begins. Looking forward to how this will evolve in your church family.

I recognize some of the dances, having learned them in elementary school. Are some of them indigenous to western WV or WV in total ?

Your children are living in such a rich environment. I can feel the smile of the Lord in your midst.


Jennie and Julie said...

These photos were really fun to you dance and the different ones with you or the boys dancing. That picture of Amelia and Isaac is just tooooo cute. It looks as if you and Sarah co-ordinated their clothes to make the cutest little couple ever!