Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last Friday, we had a break in the weather and took the chance to visit a playground with the kids. As you can see, they were ready to run! This particular playground may be the nicest one in our area. It's down by the Mon River, so it has a nice view too.

There was a duck searching for food and entirely ignoring us, nearby.

From the top of the big kids' playground, this is the view of the little kids' playground.

That's the Star City Bridge in the background.
Climbing up through a tire tunnel.

Train stop.

The playground has all kinds of passageways and tunnels. They love to chase each other around and play tag.

Taking a breather from running from dad.
Looking for dad, ready to run again.

This is what we would call a silly Sammy face. He usually does it when he's being a penguin.

Ben loves the poles.

Wandering around, trying to keep up.

Running from dad too.

Caught him!

A view from the the other direction.

The river. :-)

There's Cecily.

Getting good at slides.

Hi mom.

Three can fit on these swings!

They tried it out standing too.

A turn for the littler ones.

I love this one.

The adults did some playing too.


By the time we left, it was dark.

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laffing dawg said...

I had a nice time too. Thanks