Thursday, January 22, 2009


The following are just some mediocre pictures from the last couple of days. Not much going on besides school for the boys, playing with Millie and nursing and smiling at the baby, i.e. everyday life.
I was thrilled with this smile that Cecily gave me. Millie rarely looks at the camera at the same time as the baby, but I thought it was still a good picture. Playing chase in the hallway...

and running back.

Don't they look happy to be together? Calvin with very chapped lips. Amelia with Peter's favorite pink nightgown.

That's a good one. She really is the sweetest thing.

We call Amelia the crazy coloring woman. She's obsessed with all writing utensils. We try to limit her to writing in this dog coloring book, which is a challenge of course. Ben got the markers out for her today and I had to have a talk with him. I hated to break her heart, so I let her use them for a while. I just put a bib on her...

and taught her how to put the caps back on.

Last is Samuel, doing his grammar with me this afternoon. We are pushing through a lot of grammar and math right now. The boys will be taking an assessment test in March and we're trying to reach some goals before then. They and I are feeling kind of blue about hitting the books after lots of fun and play over the holidays. I'm sure we'll settle in in a week or two.


Jennie and Julie said...

That is the cutest 'crazy coloring woman' I have ever seen! And you had a teaching opportunity blossom out of it. Are all the writing utensils put up?

Jennie and Julie said...

By the way she seems to have a wonderful grip on that pencil for a 1 year old....maybe she's a budding artist or writer?