Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I'll start with my favorite. This is Cecily's baptism outfit. Peter and I bought it at an antique store before Amelia was born and she wore it for her baptism as well. Does her hair look red? It seems to stand out in these pictures.

She almost always has these two fingers in her mouth. She just generally gnaws on her fist too, but the fingers are her favorite.

suck, suck, suck

very tasty fingers, very good pasttime

Looking at the Hanna Andersson card that came with her Christmas present from Grammy.

You'll notice that when the head comes up, the feet come up. They're attached with a string.

More fingers.


Scott & Jaime Miller said...

Aww. very sweet. I love bonnets!

Jennie and Julie said...

Pink has always brought out red hair...they used to say that red heads should never wear pink (girls of course : ) That baptism outfit is beautiful and she is beautiful in it. Can't wait to see more.